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Prepare asado argentino
Prepare Asado Argentino Prepare Asado Argentino

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Hard shell box, premium pulled-out container with full-color photos, book and DVD.

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DVD + Book img. Prepare asado argentino

DVD box, book and DVD.

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Shipping costs: US$ 9.90 (worldwide)

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Prepare asado argentino

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Prepare asado argentino

Product Features:


  • 48 pages with full color illustrations and pictures.
  • Español – English
  • Contents: Introduction, Argentine cuts, La parrillada, The utensils, The cuts of meat, Las achuras (organ meat), Accompaniments, glossary.


  • Interactive menus
  • Languages: Español – English
  • Subtítulos: Español – English
  • Contents: Introduction, Before starting, The cuts of meat, Las achuras (organ meat), Accompaniments, Extras.

Color/140 min. Widescreen 16:9 ©2006 All rights reserved.

ISBN: 978-987-05-2084-9
ISBN: 978-987-05-2085-6

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All Regions: This DVD will play on any DVD player, it’s not limited to a specific region.

Formats: NTSC – PAL

The DVD is available in two formats, NTSC and PAL. Before purchasing, verify your DVD player and TV format to select the correct DVD version for compatibility.

Customers comments:

“…I watched the video with family and friends, we were very impressive.” Luis C. (Australia)

“He terminado de ver el dvd y me parece que es la enciclopedia de la parrilla.” Juan Manuel B. (España)

“El DVD y el libro estan muy bien hechos, felicitaciones!. La parte de tips urbanos … ESPECTACULAR !” Ronen B. (Israel)

“I just received the video. Fantastic, Great information.” Richard P. (USA)

“I have purchased your DVD+Book and I am very happy.” Alan R. (USA)

“… me facino, es lo maximo…” Christian A. (Honduras)

“I can now become a Gaucho” Michael R. (Australia)

“Great Informational DVD!” Y. (USA)

“Very interesting and clear” Shmuel G. (Israel)

“I just get the dvd and I am very impressed, one of the best cooking videos I`ve ever seen, Conratulations” Carsten B. (Germany)

“está “EXCELENTE!”

“verdadermante se los recomiendo. La fotografía está excelente así como todos los consejos.”

“Yo también tengo el mio y lo recomiendo ampliamente.” Forum de

“Great DVD! Thanks a lot.” George S. (Australia)